Mawson & Company Aveda Lifestyle salon is an independent business connecting hair styling, well being and the environment, with a passion for service excellence.


Situated in the wonderful ancient city of Winchester and placed in one of the most attractive and vibrant areas of southern England, Mawson & Company Aveda Lifestyle Salon combines and offers the very best in hair care and skin care using Aveda’s unique plant based hair care range.

Mawson&Company Shop front
Aveda Blonde
Aveda Lavender

Mawson & Company opened in Parchment street in the summer of 1994, moving to the current site in 'The Square' in September 2002 as an Aveda 

Lifestyle salon, right in the heart of historic Winchester. Owner Tony Mawson has created a beautifully understated salon with a knowledgeable and

highly qualified team of skilled stylists, many of whom have built their careers here.  The salon also incorporates some beautiful pieces of furniture

kindly donated by Orchid Furniture of Stockbridge.


At Mawson & Company, we take our responsibility to our guests and to the environment seriously.

  • We aim to give our guests individual attention and the best possible care. We offer complimentary consultations and a stress-relieving massage with all styling services.

  • We invest in the continuous development of our team, to maintain the high standards appreciated by our guests.

  • We use only Aveda products inspired by nature and containing 100% pure plant and flower extracts. All Aveda packaging is reduced, re-used and recycled.

  • We recycle a very high percentage of our waste and use single-use 100% biodegradable Scrummi eco-friendly towels.  These are not only more hygienic but also help to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • We also use EcoHeads showerheads at our basins.  Each head is 100% recyclable and contains tourmaline which helps to filter the water, removing the chlorine, sediment and dirt that accumulates in pipes, and because the water is cleaner, your hair is also left feeling softer, smoother and silkier.