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*NEW* 'Full Spectrum Deep Fusion Colour' now available

We recently mentioned on our social media platforms that Ashleigh our Creative Stylist and recently qualified ‘Aveda Full Spectrum Colour Ambassador’, has been up in London at the new Aveda Academy, learning all about the *NEW* Aveda Full Spectrum DeepTM Fusion colour. Ensuring that you have access to the very latest colours off the catwalks and the latest colouring techniques available from Aveda!

Today we are pleased to annouce that the *NEW* Aveda 'Full Spectrum DeepTM Fusion Colour' is now available in the Salon!

"Guests have been asking for richer, longer lasting colour results, with even more coverage and a wider range of tonal results. The purpose of my latest training was to discover the dynamic ways we can customise your colour above and beyond what has ever been possible before! Aveda has also expanded their deep colour collection and we can now use it for lightening, darkening, toning and for intense reds!"

- Ashleigh, Creative Stylist and Aveda Full Spectrum Colour Ambassador

In celebration of this fantastic new colour collection brought to us by Aveda, over the next couple of weeks we shall be quizzing Ashleigh about this new‬ collection across our social media platforms. Where we shall also share with you; information on our in-salon ‪colour‬ services and what makes our ‪'Aveda Colour'‬ so unique, and also ensuring your colour lasts, with ‪expert tips‬ from our team of Stylists! More information available soon at: and

Alternatively, if you wish to learn more about the *NEW* 'Full Spectrum DeepTM Fusion Colour' now available, why not contact us and book in to see Ashleigh for a consultation before your next colour appointment!

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