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New Arrivals!

Autumn is here and we have a few new arrivals from Aveda to introduce you to this month.

As the heating is turned up and the nights draw in it's most definitely time to up-weight your hair's hydration. Perfect timing then, for Aveda's new Sap Moss range to hit the shelves!

Comprising of a shampoo and conditioner, Sap Moss provides weightless hydration, cleansing and renewing hair with 94% naturally derived, silicone-free formulas.

Your hair is hydrated from root to tip thanks to Icelandic moss and larch tree sap and smart conditioning technology targets dry micro-sites within each hair strand to deliver a precise dose of hydration.

Available in two sizes (200ml and 400ml packs are available), Aveda's Sap Moss range also smells lovely, with an earthy aroma of jasmine and certified organic cypress and olibanum. And if you think that the name Sap Moss is ringing some bells, then you might be right.....this is an Aveda favourite that was discontinued but has been revamped and brought back by popular demand and it's better than ever!

We're also thrilled to have the new Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants colours now available in the salon. The Vibrants range is an amazing array of semi-permanent treatment hair colour and the shades available are incredible.

They can be used on their own for intense, vibrant results or alternatively blended together to create unique, customised shades, including a full palate of pastel tones. The colours are also 100% vegan and will last up to 16 washes, making them a great colour option....go as vibrant as you dare or as pastel as you might prefer!

And as you'd expect from Aveda, the Vibrants colour range is 95 percent naturally derived*, and also conditions the hair while providing radiant shine, leaving your hair looking and feeling amazing.

The team have been busy experimenting with the range and we're very excited with the opportunities that this new range offers!

Tempted? Ask your stylist for more detail or give us a call to book in you Vibrants colour appointment today.

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

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